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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is your relationship to Berne?

A. Berne is one of the most popular brands we carry and that is why we have a dedicated website for Berne products: If you are looking for the manufacturer you can go to

Q. Do you warehouse everything on your site?

A. Most products on our website are either in our own warehouse or retail stores but a few products are not. Those products that we do not have on hand are generally readily available from our vendors.

Q. What does, "Built in the USA" mean?

A. Products that are both assembled and the materials come from the US are labeled as Made In USA. If the product is assembled in the US but uses some material from other countries, it’s classified as Built in America. If materials from the US are shipped overseas to be assembled we label it as Made from US Materials. If the company that assembles the product is Union, it’s identified as Union Made.

Q. Do you resell to distributors?

A. National Workwear is a retailer that sells to the end user. This includes individuals and businesses. We do not however, sell to distributors or anyone who intends to resell the products.

Q. I received an email saying my item is out-of-stock, what does that mean?

A. While we are a fast-growing company, unfortunately we have not reached the level to have live inventory tied to our websites yet. That means sometimes a product is sold out before it can be updated on our website. Now, our goal is to have our website reflect our real time inventory status in the near future.

Q. The item I am looking for is not listed on your website, but it is made by a brand you carry. Can you get it?

A. Absolutely! As long as the manufacturer still makes it, we can get it. We mostly put on our website the styles we stock and the national best sellers, so we can get your order out quickly. However, if there is something you are looking for that you do not see please contact us either by email ( or phone (1-800-566-4298) with the product style number, brand, and/or product name.

Q. I ordered the product from National Workwear, so why did it come from the manufacturer?

A. National Workwear warehouses most of the styles you see on our site but occasionally we will run out of a size, or the style is on the site because it’s really popular with the manufacturer but not in the region our stores are located. If we are out of stock we will often drop ship the item directly to you from the manufacturer, so you don’t have to wait for us to get another delivery and then ship it you.

Q. What does “Heavy Volume” mean?

A. A large part of our business is outerwear and when the cold weather will hit can be unpredictable. When it does arrive we receive many orders at once. We try to beef up staff in anticipation of the sudden increase in orders but sometimes it is not enough. We like to be upfront and tell you that your order may take longer to process than our normal fast turnaround.

Q. I did not receive an email about my order status.

A. Immediately after you placed your order you should have received an automated email confirming the order. If you did not see the email, please check your spam or junk folders. If you still cannot find it please contact us ( or 1-800-566-4298) and we will verify that we have your correct email address.

Q. What are the differences between the different safety toe materials?

A. Steel is the oldest material used for safety toes and is very durable. The disadvantage of Steel is that it’s the heaviest of all the materials and it will absorb cold temperatures. Alloy is a mixture of metals and Aluminum tends to be lighter weight than steel. Composite is composed of plastic and fiberglass. Composite is very lightweight, does not absorb cold temperatures, and if in a shoe with no other metal parts you can walk through a metal detector without having to take your shoes off. The disadvantage to composite is that if you drop something super heavy on the toe it will provide protection but crack and the shoe will have to be replaced (not covered under the warranty). Carbon Fiber is the latest technology in safety footwear, it combines fiber webbing in the mold. Carbon Fiber is extremely lightweight and is often thinner providing more room in the toe area and a better fit. All safety toe materials have to meet ASTM testing to be labeled and we only carry safety shoes that have been tested and approved.

Q. What are the differences between the different metatarsal materials?

A. People that wear metatarsals often complain about not being able to flex their foot due to the metatarsal protective plate. As a result, a new, more comfortable metatarsal material was invented to resolve this problem. That material is called open cell foam. Open cell foam has been used in space craft, automobiles, and helmets to absorb impact. Poron or Poron XD is a brand of open cell foam that many safety shoe brands use. Open cell foam has all of the ASTM approval ratings in the brands we carry. We also separate metatarsals between internal and external. Some factories may require external only so they can see their employees are complying. Some customers prefer one style over the other. Either way, we want to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Q. What is Static Dissipating and Electrical Hazard mean?

A. Static Dissipating (SD) reduces the amount of static that your body naturally gives off. Factories where static can harm the products or machines that produce the products often will require static dissipating shoes. Places that use chemicals that can ignite from body static will also require this safety feature. Electrical Hazard (EH) reduces the impact if you were exposed to a live electrical source.

Q. What do the different Classifications of hi-vis refer to?

A. A simple answer is the different angles the Hi Vis striping is visible. For example, a Class 2 T-Shirt will not have a stripe on the sleeve; whereas the Class 3 will. All of our Hi Vis is ANSI approved and will be labeled in the garments. We cannot suggest which Class you need for your job; please contact your safety coordinator.

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