Mobile Shoe Service

Our mobile shoe service to your door provides you with six important benefits.

  • Compliance On site service makes it easier to implement and maintain your safety program.
  • Convenient On site service makes it easier for your team to have the shoes they need.
  • Selection More choices in brands, styles, and prices make for more satisfied team members.
  • Correct Fit Team members get the benefit of expert attention for those members that are hard to fit.
  • Correct Specifications Only those styles that meet your programs requirements are shown, this eliminates confusion and returns.
  • Simplified Billing can be tailored to your requirements making every step go smoothly.

Call Ben Brewer or Joey Karr at 1-800-575-8152 to discuss how you can get our mobile shoe service.
Or click here to contact us via our website.

Central & Eastern KY, Ohio, West Virginia: Ben Brewer
Western KY, Indiana, Tennessee: Joey Karr